Brief:  To design the corporate stationery set
Role: Art Direction with rainbow & leaf elements applied to align with AUSSINO brand value and brand ambassador Vicky Zhao
_______________ END_______________
Brief:  To design the brand identity of SKINBAR online shop
Solution: Most of the skincare products will be in the bottle shape, which inspire to execute the iconic visual in the logo, using modern type face to enhance the look of online retailer brand.
_______________ END_______________
Brief:  To design the new logo of SINGAPORE RIVER
Role: As a designer, what inspire me the most is the boat running along singapore river, which is the most common element of all three quays- Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, Using traditional paper boat but forming with triangular geometric shape came from urban setting in modern city.
_______________ END_______________
Client: The Straits Times
Brief:  To design the new logo of The Straits Times 170th Anniversary
Role: As a designer, the concept of 170th birthday Celebration logo is base on the basic foundation raw element of STRAITS TIMES : “INK” has been using for printing newspapers & magazines until today. Lively, energetic celebrator(dancer) is excited to celebrate such a grand year. Therefore, he happily came out and gave a shout “Let’s Celebrate”. 
_______________ END_______________
Client: OMDG
Brief:  To design the brand identity of OMDG
Solution: There are millions of Myanmar expats residing and working professionally around the globe, who are always interested to do something from oversea for the motherland, which symbolise what the map of Myanmar in globe beautifully. One man can’t run on his own and need to collaborate with the others from oversea to have long run business, which represent the stick figure holding hands together on the letter “M” with two little dots.The reason of using deep blue sea colour in logo is obviously the places Myanmar expats living are surrounded by deep blue sea as well as its brand value of depth, stability, trust and loyalty.