Client: TheFinder Singapore

Brief: To design the kids event of “TOTALLY TROPICAL TRIP”

Solution: Train is put up in the theme of tropical forest with animals, which welcome the kids & parents in a fun way to enjoy the activity map game, taking the photo with train, collect the photos and goodie bags at Paragon.
Brief:  To execute anti terrorism, public awareness campaign at MRT, bus stations, buses at islandwide.
Solution: Terrorists could possibly place and disguise any of the explosive items in public and if anyone sees any suspicious item, call 999 with the visual translation of a bomb disguised as ball among the balls. 
Client: Lemlabs
Brief:  To execute a series of print ad campaign for sports magazine
Solution: Lem Labs is the sports event management company, they do basketball, hockey, beach volleyball, football tournaments frequently.  The idea is based on the silhouette of the football player, basketball player and hockey player, built by  thousands of Allen keys, which has the shape of letter “L” represents Lem Labs company.
Brief:  To execute Chinese New Year Campaign for retail stores
Solution: Cherry Blossom is a symbol of love, passion and prosperity, which has beautiful colour. It grow with the leaves, vines, branches in the form of “Joyful Abundance” special leafy typography and very fine traditional Chinese motif pattern to execute different collaterals across all the stores.
Client: W&T
Brief:  To design Perfect Match Wedding Fair event campaign
Solution: Funny and cute wooden paper clips, wearing like bride & groom, kissing like there is no tomorrow, drives as the main visual and applied on print/ digital collaterals as well as the bendy bus before the event launch.