Behind the scene of making stop motion 

Stop motion video of different MARKS & SPENCER products for 30 days Easter count down at Instagram
Client: Marks & Spencer
Brief:  Create 31 days Easter promotion video content for M&S wide range of cute chocolate bunnies to chic eggs and hot cross buns
Solution: Shoot the individual products & generate into playful stop motion GIF & integrate with 31 days countdown template in videos
Tools: iphone, Adobe Photoshop, aftereffect

Making of the cover in behind the scene in photo studio with crew!

Instagram post: Download your copy from!

Digital issue out now for Facebook post.

Facebook profile + cover + post based on the school-themed visuals. 

Client: The Finder Kids
Brief: Design the school-themed issue for expat & local family’s magazine cover & social media banners
Role: Direct Photo Shoot / Style & Design elements for magazine cover
Solution : All-time-kids' favourite coloured pencils, markers & paintbrushes are styled playfully on striking bright yellow paper background for the magazine cover.
Tools: Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Filmora, iphone
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